Voting Informed

Looking at Elections Objectively 


Learning how to vote in an informed and educated way.

You are an adult. An adult with values, beliefs, and experience. You know what is important to you.

Conversely, you know what isn’t important to you, and what goes against your beliefs and principles.

When you vote, you want to support someone who represents what you value, someone whose goals and promises align with your needs, and someone, who through all this will strengthen your community, or your state or province, or your country.

However, informed voting has become so much more difficult. It is so easy to find headlines that tell you who to vote for, or where an elaborate story is made out of a quote, what the candidates say about each other, or simply speculation.

What is much harder to find, and is important for informed voting, is an objective comparison of the candidate’s values, goals, and plans for what they will accomplish while in office.

It has become clear to us that the latter is almost non-existent, and that both political and news media don’t give you enough credit for being smart enough to make a decision, when simply presented with facts, on your own.

We hope that we will help you learn how to gather all the facts and information you need to make an unbiased and informed voting decision.