Step 3

Open-minded Discussion

Now, while you’ve done your homework, and have an idea of which candidate you will support based on your lists created by using facts and evidence, you should also be receptive towards the point of view of others.

You may find that certain principles the candidate holds, or goals they want to achieve, may affect you in ways you haven’t thought of yet.

News/Political Media

By watching political news, you may receive thoughtful conversation and reporting by experts on the issues the candidates discussing.

Having read transcripts or watched footage of the speeches or debates, you will be properly equipped to determine whether you are being misled by the media omitting, adding, or changing, information.

Other voters

Whether this is visiting forums, or chatting within your circle, you are ready to discuss your point of view with others.

While you are able to analyze the validity of claims, using evidence, don’t discount the thoughts of others. They may be just as informed as you are, but based their decision on selecting different principles, or goals of the candidate.

You are human

You are not infallible, and it is arrogant to think that you never make mistakes. Upon being shown appropriate evidence, be open to changing your point of view.

The reason you are here, is that you want your vote to be a reflection of what you value, and what you want achieved in your city, state, or country. By being proud and sticking to your mistake, you are not only being untrue with your vote, but untrue with yourself.